Schedule & Topics

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Get to know the best and the brightest locals from various backgrounds, who are excited about sharing their stories of triumph and failure with you!

One thing you’ll realize as a solo or small firm lawyer after hearing these stories is that we all share struggles with our business development, but we also share a commitment to success. Connecting with people who share that commitment and have a desire to help others is the secret to staying sane. It’s possible you’ll even quit your therapist. We’ve compiled experts in various subject areas for well-rounded information interactive panels that will take you through today’s puzzling dilemmas into tomorrow’s puzzling enigmas.

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What’s new and what’s good in legal tech * Cloud file storage * Email and data security * Cool tools

Law Firm Business Plans

How to start * How to grow * Hiring and Staff Transitioning * Long-term Perspectives

Time Management

How to prioritize * How to cope * Delegating tasks * Mindfulness


Analyzing advertising value * Selling your strengths * Ethical considerations

Success Stories

Locals sharing their stories of challenge and triumph


Getting comfortable * Identifying worthwhile events * Prioritizing * Ideas * Following up


Being an inclusive leader * Future workplace characteristics * Implicit Bias

Social Media

Platforms * Best practices * What to expect