Get ready to enjoy your workday.

Conference schedule

It won’t just be great, it should be transformational. Join us at this revolutionary first conference. That’s what we’re organizing. A day to be inspired, motivated, and feel a part of something bigger. Something that you can reach out to and rely on to help you get where you’re going.

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Day 01 full schedule

February 28, 2020



After loading up on coffee and pastries, we’re getting off to a super-charged up start to our day with fast-paced, 35 minute interactive panel sessions. Three person panelists will be talking about their experiences with technology, law firm growth plans, time management, advertising, and the best use of your time when networking.

Opening Remarks and Introduction to Friendly Lawyers Association NFP

Panel Speaker Presentations

Our speakers are geared up for fast-paced 35 minute panel presentation to discuss law practice management, legal technology, and the emotional roller coaster of being a small business owner. A facilitator will moderate the panel and you'll have an opportunity to ask questions. If you'd like to submit questions in advance, please email your submissions to us at hello@friendly-lawyers.com! Scroll down for topics.

Vendor Break

A dedicated Vendor Break so you can check out products and services tailored for solo and small firm practices.

Lunch and Listen

We will recognize our lunch sponsor and during lunch, our Ethics and Diversity speaker will discuss a topic about the newly required CLE for diversity and inclusion.

Fast and Friendly Table Sessions

After lunch, our featured panelists are going to get up close and personal with each table. Panelists will spend 4 rounds of 20 minutes at a table for a casual and more in-depth conversation about their experiences and expertise. You’re encouraged to ask questions that are important to you!

Vendor Break

Let’s not forget who supports this opportunity for our attendees to engage! This is the dedicated Vendor Break, and when the cookies come out.

Diversity Activity and Discussion

We will earn another CLE credit by engaging in an interesting diversity activity and discussing your intuitive reactions.

Merriment Mixer

The day was about revving you up to spend the evening surrounded by people whose company you enjoy! This cocktail networking mixer with music and hors d'oeuvres will be about meeting new people and expanding your circle. What happens in the West Loop stays in the West Loop. Throughout the evening, we will award door prizes from our generous vendors and sponsors.

Get to know the best and the brightest locals from various backgrounds, who are excited about sharing their stories of triumph and failure with you!

One thing you’ll realize as a solo or small firm lawyer after hearing these stories is that we all share struggles with our business development, but we also share a commitment to success. Connecting with people who share that commitment and have a desire to help others is the secret to staying sane. It’s possible you’ll even quit your therapist. We’ve compiled experts in various subject areas for well-rounded information interactive panels that will take you through today’s puzzling dilemmas into tomorrow’s puzzling enigmas.

Topics Covered


What’s new and what’s good in legal tech * Cloud file storage * Email and data security * Cool tools

Law Firm Business Plans

How to start * How to grow * Hiring and Staff Transitioning * Long-term Perspectives

Time Management

How to prioritize * How to cope * Delegating tasks * Mindfulness


Analyzing advertising value * Selling your strengths * Ethical considerations

Success Stories

Locals sharing their stories of challenge and triumph


Getting comfortable * Identifying worthwhile events * Prioritizing * Ideas * Following up


Being an inclusive leader * Future workplace characteristics * Implicit Bias

Social Media

Platforms * Best practices * What to expect