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A little over ten years ago, I organized informal get-togethers once a month at a local pub to talk about law practice management challenges.  It was casual, and agenda-free.  No topic was taboo, and all who were interested were welcome.  This little group grew by word of mouth to a group list of 200+ attorneys who wanted to continue to hear about our get-togethers.  And we have continued our meetups each month all this time, celebrating our 10-year anniversary of meetings in the Fall of 2017!

Last summer, I decided to take it to the next level, and organize a one-day conference in Chicago to expose the great things our group does, to facilitate a sense of community for lawyers like us, and to share our collective knowledge.  I invite you to read more about the Friendly Lawyers Association at www.friendly-lawyers.com.

This awesome group of volunteers have joined me in dedicating a portion of their spare time to make this conference great!  From our first planning meeting in the Fall, where I emphasized that I’m not interested in competing with other bar association legal conferences, that’s not what we have ever been about.  I want this conference to be about engaging each other, and inspiring each other to fight the good fight when running your practice and building your business, so you know you are not alone.  This is about bringing the energy level way up, and motivating you!  That has been the focus of these wonderful, creative minds in organizing this conference.  With deepest gratitude, I am happy to introduce you to:

Planning Committee

Professionals and Enthusiasts that made the event possible

Jane Bokun
Freelance Writer


Patrick Casey
Business, Real Estate, Estate Plans and Administration


Kate Curler
Elder Law, Nursing Home Advocacy


Richard Foreman
Civil and Criminal Practice Attorney


Genna Hibbs
Business Organization, Health, Trademarks, Copyrights, Biotech, Patents

Ish Orkar
Student Sexual Assault or Domestic Violence


Christina Papavasiliou
Trial attorney - criminal, employment


Lindsey Seeskin
Personal Injury and Wrongful death


Zach Ziliak
Trading Industry, Business & Corporate, Entertainment


Dana Zivkovich
Probate and Estate Administration, Estate Planning, Business Succession Plans, Elder Law