February 22, 2019

Chicago Friendly Lawyers Conference

For solo and small firm managing lawyers.

For lawyers thinking about going out on their own.

For friendly lawyers.

What will it take to get you out of the office for a day?

What if you can:

  • Maximize your network
  • Be inspired
  • Learn something
  • Make quality connections
  • Have a great time

We want you for one day and one evening! This is a legal conference completely unlike the rest, because we are a legal social networking group unlike the rest.

At this, the inaugural Chicago Friendly Lawyers Conference, we want you to know we’re just that – friendly, and part of a local community of lawyers in the same boat you’re in.

We are solo and small firm lawyers managing our practices and wearing multiple hats. We are facing the same challenges and we are balancing work and life as best we can.

What’s different about us is that we aren’t interested in simply building our business card portfolio or shaking as many hands as possible. We want to develop genuine friendships, we want open dialogue about challenges, and we want to get to know each other and support each other. Regardless of whether it’s a substantive question or some moral support when running your practice feels overwhelming.

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What it’s not:

  • For medium or large firm lawyers, especially the arrogant ones.
  • A heavy schedule of substantive topics with talking heads droning on. The truth is, that happens.
  • Traditional
  • Predictable

This conference is set up to be interactive, energizing, and interesting. Check out our schedule to see how it differs from the norm. Check back, as we’ll be updating it with new information as details are confirmed! It will be a fun environment that’s guaranteed to be unforgettable.

Best of all, this conference is customized to our needs – it’s not intended to be useful for big law attorneys and associates. It’s meant for the lawyer with an entrepreneurial spirit! We are focusing on quality and quality is something not to be watered down. We are limiting the number of conference attendees because we want this conference to be intimate and comfortable. Like a day trip with friends that extends into the night because you’re having a great time! Don’t get lost in a sea of rhetoric. The Chicago Friendly Lawyers Conference is all about you and making your network work for you.

Typical attendee: Our group demographic charts here


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